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New Avon Representative Tips and Information

Welcome New Avon Representatives Email – This is the welcome email I send to new reps on my Avon team. I send them 3 emails within the first few days of signing up. I also try to find them on Facebook to connect personally and them add them to our Facebook group for our team. The more communication with new Avon Representatives, the better. It helps to try and communicate with your new team member by their preferred way of communication. Therefore, if your new Representative prefers text then text them, if he / she prefers phone conversations then call them, etc. Try different forms of communication with your team to get the most exposure.

Here’s another leadership tip: when you email your new team member, cc their district manager so he / she is aware you are in communication. To email the district manager / district assistant, the format is (district [email protected] – for ex: [email protected]).

Congratulations and welcome to Avon!

You’re taking your first steps in growing your earnings opportunity as a part of an amazing company 125 years strong.
I started Team Momentum and I’m here to help you get started with Avon, as well as teach you how to become a successful rep. I’ve been selling Avon for over 8 years and love it! I have a team of about 600 reps all across the U.S. I’m happy to be your leader and I’m here to help you reach your goals with Avon. 

Important Information for New Avon Representatives 

  • Avon Campaign Schedule – To find your campaign order due dates, log in to yourAvon.com – click on my account – Profile – See Calendar under Account Information next to your RPS Code. 
  • 2016 Avon Commission Chart – The percentage of commission you earn will depend on the total of all of the orders you turn in for each campaign. You can find the earnings chart on yourAvon.com – click on Earning Opportunities – Earnings Chart. You will earn a fixed 20% on any online orders.
  • Avon BrochuresYour starter kit will come with Avon catalogs for your first two campaigns). For the following campaigns, you will need to order brochures. They come in packs of 10. To order and see the cost of brochures, go to Order Brochures – then Avon Brochure Pricing Info – in your order cart on yourAvon.com.
  • Avon Sales TaxWhen a customer places an order with you, it is your responsibility to also collect sales tax. You can usually find your county’s sales tax rate on the county website. Avon pays your sales tax for you with the money you turn in from customers.
  • How you get Paid when you Sell Avon – When a customer places an order from you, collect payment for the total amount of the items plus the order charge and sales tax. When you place your order, Avon will charge you for the cost of the products, the sales tax, and any business tools you purchase. The amount left over from what your customers paid you and what you paid Avon is your profit. YouTube video: How do you get paid selling Avon?
  • New Avon Representative Programs – Avon has plenty of great programs in place to help you be successful in your first few campaigns as a new Representative.

Earn $1,000 with Avon in your First 90 Days

More Resources / Ideas for Avon Representatives

I’ll be in touch again very soon, but feel free to reach out to me any time! 
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Wishing you a warm welcome!
Emily Seagren
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