How to Convert Avon Leads Like a Boss

Are you ready for the best recruiting time of the year? Listen to my tips on how to convert Avon leads into representatives.

Here is the presentation as a handout so you can print it out and take notes:

Successful Avon Appointments – ALMA vs. Non-ALMA

This chart shows new appointments from campaigns 2- 5 where I can track the lead source. The majority of the successful appointments (1st or 2nd order of $150+) did not come from ALMA. Make sure you are generating your own leads as much as using lead buy.

Emily Seagren's Successful Avon Appointment Chart

# of Recruits per Month in 2016 – Avon Recruiting Tips

  • Be in the right place at the right time.
  • Know how the process works.
  • Be familiar with the benefits and FAQs.
  • Money – profit, cost, and how it works
  • Commitment – time, training, and work load
  • Always be prepared.
  • Collect follow-up information.
  • Take the next step by the reigns. Don’t leave the ball in their court.
  • Get ready for busy seasons.
  • Take advantage of the first of the month.
  • Take advantage of tax return time – April & May
  • Invest more heavily during peak seasons.
  • Use multiple lead sources.
  • Recruit online and in-person.

# of Monthly Appointments 2014 – 2017

Emily’s Avon Lead Follow-up Email

Feel free to copy this example and replace my information with your recruiting information. Every Avon Rep has a reference code. Your reference code is the same as your username from your Avon eStore. Ex: my eStore is so my reference code is: ESEAGREN.

Guess who would make a great Beauty Boss? YOU!

People love being around you. You always have a smile and a fun tip or trend to share with friends. Why not put that knowledge to work and create your very own Boss Life?

Let’s chat so I can share with you how you can live the boss life and earn more than a $1,000 in your first 90 days with Avon.

Emily Seagren
Email: [email protected]
Call or Text: 123.456.7890

Ready to sign up right now? Click here to start your Avon journey or go to and use reference code: ESEAGREN.

Emily’s Avon Lead Follow-up Phone Message

Hey (insert lead name)! This is Emily with Avon. I’m calling to follow up on your interest in becoming an Avon Representative. I’ll also send you an email with more information. You can reach me by calling or texting me at 123.456.7890. Feel free to respond back in whichever way is easiest for you. I look forward to talking to you! Have a great day.

Emily’s Avon Lead Follow-up Text Message

Hey (insert lead name)! I’m texting to follow up on your interest in becoming an Avon Representative. You can sign up online at Please let me know if you have any questions.

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