Emily’s Top 10 Avon Tips for Selling Online

Emily's Top 10 Avon Tips for Selling Online

Emily’s Top 10 Avon Tips for Selling Online – If you are an Avon Representative and not already trying to take advantage of the growth happening in online sales and recruiting…what are you waiting for? According to Avon, online sales are growing 3 times faster than traditional direct sales at Avon. With more working moms in today’s society, the competitive online promotions websites can offer compared to box stores, and the ease of shopping online, online marketing in every Avon business is now a must. Whether you have been selling Avon for years or you just signed up as an Avon Representative and plan on Selling Avon Online Only, take the time to learn How to Sell Avon Online and sign up new Avon Representatives via the online appointment process.
Selling Avon Online

Wouldn’t you love to have a negative balance on your Avon account where the company owes you money? One of the best benefits of Selling Avon Online is there are little to no overhead costs so the money you make is mostly profit. Plus you don’t have to mess with taking customers’ orders, payments, or doing the delivery. Remember all of these pros to Selling Avon Online are when your customer chooses direct delivery. I have my delivery preference for online customers set to direct delivery only. Read below and watch the video to hear my top tips for Selling Avon Online.

Sell Avon Online Successfully – Emily’s Top 10 Tips for Selling Online

10. Provide a variety of information on your blog posts and social media status updates to reach a large audience. For example, I like to write blog posts about: Avon products, recruiting, recognition for my team, Avon Representative tips, and promotions. Try to alternate what you write about according to the purpose of the article. I try to alternate blog posts with goals of finding new online customers and recruiting new team members so that I am equally promoting the opportunity for customers to buy and for potential new team members to Sign up to Sell Avon.

9. Mail Avon catalogs to eCustomers. Once you start getting consistent online sales, mail out Avon brochures to your eCustomers. I mail out current catalogs to any customers who have placed an order on my website in the prior 2 months. Check out Campaign Mailer – they provide services for mailing out brochures. Even though Avon offers an optional brochure with every online order, mailing out the brochure yourself will remind your customers to shop with you on your eRep website. Tip: Include a thank you note on the label with a coupon code for them to use on their next visit, your website address, and the valid online shopping dates.

Mail Avon Brochures to Customers

8. Use social media to promote your Avon business. Have you visited the Social Media Center (SMC) on yourAvon.com? Avon is constantly updating the SMC with new information and images to share with your fans and followers. Visit the SMC at least once a campaign to share news about products, the opportunity, and more. You can also use the share buttons on each product page of your eStore to promote new products, sales, or online exclusives. My favorite social media websites to share on are: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn. Also, check out Buffer as a way to automate and simplify your social marketing. This website allows you to schedule automated posts on Facebook pages, Facebook groups you moderate, and more so you can spend your time on revenue-generating tasks like marketing your business, increasing Avon sales, and growing your team instead of keeping “busy” on social media and not getting much accomplished.

Avon Social Media Share Buttons

7. Write blog posts to draw traffic to your website from search engines. If you aren’t familiar with the term “blog,” look it up on Google. There are all kinds of great articles out there on how to start a blog and what blogging is all about. I like to write blogs on different topics and then use social media to promote my blog. All of my hyperlinks and calls-to-action point visitors to my Avon eStore so they can buy online or Sign up to Sell Avon on my team. For a strong blog post, be sure to have plenty of content, use images, insert hyperlinks on important “keyword” phrases, use headers, and always include calls-to-action.

6. Keep up with current Avon free shipping and coupon codes. Some places to find current codes are: RetailMeNot, your web office in the email center, your eStore, and sometimes under incentives or campaign tools on yourAvon.com. Try signing up as your own customer by creating a profile on your eStore or use the eNewsletter widget to enter your email address and be notified of the latest and greatest Avon promotions. When I want to promote an Avon coupon code, I will write a blog post about it which automatically posts to LinkedIn and then share the link of the blog post on my Facebook page (which automatically posts to Twitter), my Facebook group, Pinterest, and GooglePlus. You can also tell your customers to go to Ebates before they do their shopping on your Avon website to get cash back on their purchase. Make sure they choose you as their representative before checking out. Tip: Always provide the following 4 pieces of information in your Avon coupon code posts: the offer, the code, the expiration, and your website.

Avon Coupon Code

5. Customize your Avon website. Keep the content on your eStore fresh and constantly updating. I do this through sharing blog posts on my eStore, having the Twitter app connected, and updating the main window with a custom message including the current Avon brochure, the online shopping dates, a coupon code, and How to Sign up to Sell Avon Online.

How to Post the Avon Brochure

4. Turn on your automated email program under personalization tools in your web office. I prefer to have the options for both campaign and promotional offers turned on in my email preferences. Although my customers receive a lot of emails, they always have the option to unsubscribe. For those who opt in for the emails, they are receiving a constant reminder to shop for Avon online on my website. I truly feel the benefits of having the automated email program turned on far outweigh the drawbacks. Plus, I hardly ever have anyone complain about getting too many emails and if they do…I happily help them unsubscribe from the program.

3. Whether you are talking to people daily about your Avon business or connecting with others through online marketing, be sure to have a way to collect their contact information. In person, I like to do monthly gift bundle drawings and use the Avon survey card to collect my customers’ contact information. I then keep record of my customers’ addresses for sending out marketing materials and brochures and enter those with an email address in my web office. To collect data from your online visitors, be sure to have the eNewsletter sign up widget and Believe in your Business widget displayed on the front page of your eStore.

2. Use a brightly colored label on the front of your Avon brochure encouraging online orders. With every Avon catalog I hand out, I like to offer 3 opportunities: 1) to buy from me face-to-face, 2) to shop on my website, and 3) to Become an Avon Representative on my team. To promote online orders, I include my contact information, my Avon website URL, and a message about free shipping and a coupon code on the label. I promote free shipping on all orders of $35 or more plus 20% off online orders of $50 or more using code: WELCOME or THANKYOU20. Both of these codes are valid for every customer one time each. Check your email center in your web office to make sure these codes are still valid.

Avon Free Shipping Book Label

1. Track your performance. I like to use my past years, months, and campaigns’ performance to track sales, online sales, recruiting, and leadership numbers to make sure I’m always improving upon my own results. For tracking website traffic, you can use Google Analytics and / or StatCounter on your Avon website. If you use an external blogging service like WordPress, there are also statistics to track for your blog. Although website traffic gives you an idea of what’s working and what isn’t as far as marketing tactics, the most important numbers to track are completed online sales and number of online appointments. When you have a peak in website traffic, online sales, or new online appointments, look back to see what you did differently so that you can repeat the actions that are producing favorable results.

Watch this Video for Tips on Selling Avon Online

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