Avon Team Momentum Campaign 4 2017 Leadership Results

Avon Campaign 4 2017 Team Momentum Leadership Results

Below is a copy of my newsletter for my Avon team for Avon Campaign 4 2017. To Sign up to Sell Avon Online on Avon Team Momentum, please visit www.startavon.com. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: ESEAGREN.

Congratulations on Avon Campaign 4 2017 sales! We submitted 308 orders for a total of $50,403. We had 24 new unit additions in Avon Campaign 4 2017. Our team is made up of 1 Leader, 3 Silver Ambassadors, 1 Ambassador, 6 Star Promoters, and 44 Promoters.

Avon Sales Levels – Join the President’s Club to Earn 40%

Did you know you only need to average $385 per campaign (campaign 1 – 26) or reach $10,000 in award sales in 2017 to make President’s Club? When you are a PC member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size the for the entire following year! Plus receive other great benefits…check out the President’s Recognition booklet on yourAvon.com under the PRP tab. Read more about President’s Club and how to sell Avon successfully by clicking here.

Earn more Money with Avon by Building a Team

Did you know all Avon Representatives can now start a team online? That means you can start a nationwide team by promoting the Avon opportunity online. Tell prospects to go to www.startavon.com and enter your reference code. Your reference code is the last part of your Avon website URL. Since my Avon website URL is www.youravon.com/eseagren, my reference code is ESEAGREN. You can also promote the Avon opportunity directly from the Social Media Center on yourAvon.com in the web office. Read more details and how to promote the opportunity by clicking here.

Earn a Ticket to the Boss Life Giveaway – Every Scratch-off is a Winner!
CAMPAIGNS 2 – 13, 2017 (TRENDSETTER 4 – 15)
The more you recruit, the more prizes you could win! Earn a scratch-off card and reveal your prize — including cash, trips, electronics and Avon-branded must haves — for each personal recruit who places either a first or second paid order of $150+ Way to go to our one ticket achiever so far…Stephanie Sandberg!

Let’s Vacation like a Boss! Earn a Trip for You & a Guest to the Bahamas
CAMPAIGNS 3 – 9, 2017 (TS 5 – 11)
Get ready to pack your bags and head to Paradise Island, Bahamas! Earn points for your sales, recruiting and title success and grab the trip of a lifetime. Congrats to those of you who are on the board!

  • Shirl Papaian – 375 points
  • Stephanie Sandberg – 300 points
  • Tricia Thomas – 225 points
  • Barbara Ortiz – 150 points
  • Jen Allen – 75 points
  • Cheryl Alvira – 75 points
  • Janet Bryant – 75 points
  • Angelica Castillo – 75 points
  • Angelene Cavitt – 75 points
  • Heather Escorcia – 75 points
  • Amy Major – 75 points
  • Felicia Trammell – 75 points
  • Laurie Allen – 75 points
  • Kira Beasley – 75 points
  • Denise Whitaker – 75 points
  • Paulena Wilson – 75 points

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Top 5 Leadership Reps in Total Unit Sales

1. Shirl P. – San Jacinto, California – $7,440– Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative California

2. Kim K. – Pearland, Texas – $3,206– Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Texas

3. Tricia T. – Alamo, Nevada – $2,059– Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Nevada

4. Tracy M. – Littleton, Colorado – $1,594– Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Colorado

5. Amy M. – Washington Court House, Ohio– $846– Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Ohio

Who wants the “View from the Top” book? When you reach Ambassador, I will send you your FREE copy! Remember to make Ambassador, you need all 3 of these things to happen in the same campaign: 1) $1,000 in total unit sales (including your personal sales and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen sales), 2) 3 1st gen orders, and 3) personal sales of at least $200.

Top 5 Leadership Reps in Registered Recruits (all 3 Generations)

1. Shirl P. – San Jacinto, California – 118 – Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative California

2. Kim K. – Pearland, Texas – 30 – Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Texas

3. Leticia V. – Belvidere, Illinois – 10 – Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Illinois

4. Tracy M. – Littleton, Colorado – 9 – Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Colorado

5. Tricia T. – Alamo, Nevada – 8 – Sell Avon – Become an Avon Representative Nevada

Yahoo…keep recruiting and building your team! In order for your registered recruits to count as successful reps, they must place a $50 order and pay for it on time. That’s why it’s super important to help your reps succeed once they sign up with you. Getting them to sign up is only half the battle!

As always, let me know if you have any questions.


Emily Seagren, 2015 Avon Woman of Enterprise, Gold Leader, Avon President’s Council

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