Avon Advanced Leadership ProgramBelow is a copy of my email I send to new Avon Leadership Representatives welcoming them to leadership with their first recruit! If you are an Avon Leadership Representative, feel free to copy ONLY TO USE in a private email or letter to your downline. Please do not copy this content anywhere online besides in an email.

Welcome to Avon Leadership!

Congratulations on your first recruit and your decision to join leadership (where the money’s at)!!! Be sure to work with your district manager and me to work on your first title to get paid on your team sales – Ambassador. 
Below is the Journey to Gold Support Guide, Advanced Leadership Bonus Chart, and Advanced Leadership Titles Guide. I’ve attached the Journey to Gold Support Guide so you can review all of the bonus and earnings opportunities with leadership. I’ve also featured a graph of Lisa Wilber’s income (compliments of Lisa Wilber) with leadership over the years. It inspires me every time I look at it! In 22 years, she has earned over $4.5 million from Avon leadership! Holy moly…let’s get there together!!! What a great way to show a new representative what the potential is with Avon. 

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Lisa Wilber's Avon Leadership Income

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