Avon High 5 Online Incentive – Unlimited $25 Bonuses

Earn $25 for every 5 unique online customers who place a $50+ order through your online store in February.
Here are 3 reasons to get your customers to shop online:
***Reason #1 – High 5 Online Incentive – Earn $25 for every 5 Unique Online Orders of $50 or More***
  • Feb 1st – Feb 28th – Incentive Open for All Reps
  • Campaign 1 – Campaign 26 2019 – Incentive open for new reps who started with us in campaign 1 2019 or later
Step 1: Be sure you are on yourAvon 2.0
Step 2: Be sure you are signed up for direct deposit for online commission on yourAvon.com – under your account – get paid by Avon.
Step 3: Share the free gift with $50 purchase everywhere (Found in Avon Social – Content Planner – Hot & New)! Help your face-to-face customers place their first online order so you can help them receive the free mascara!
***Reason #2 – Entice your Customers to Spend $50 or more with the Love at 1st Lash Mascara Offer***
Free Gift with Purchase on Online Orders of $50 or more – Free Love at 1st Lash Mascara for your online customers who submit an order of $50 or more!
***Reason #3 – Get Double Dollars for All Online Orders Placed from Dec 26 – Aug 6*** 
Get double dollars for every online order placed from Dec 26 – Aug 6. Earn President’s Club by RepFest and take part in the biggest bash of the year. PC Bash on the Bayou plus get 40% off / commission on all orders (full earnings items only) for the rest of the year.
What are the ways you are going to connect?
1. Word of mouth
2. Marketing on paper materials
3. Email marketing
4. Blog
5. Text
6. Video
7. Referrals
8. Phone calls
9. Social media
10. Spread the word to your team!
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Earn a Free Trip for you and a guest to Los Cabos, Mexico
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About the Trainer, Emily Seagren

Emily Seagren has been an Avon Representative since January 2008. She sells at the Inner Circle level (over $220,000 annually), owns a Licensed Avon Beauty Center, Avon Store Rockford, Illinois (#5 in the nation), and is a Bronze Executive Leader with over 1,600 team members nationwide (top 30 teams in the nation). In 2018, her nationwide team of reps, Avon Team Momentum,  sold over $3 million in Avon products up from $2 million in 2017.

Emily has grown her business using non-traditional methods such as social media, email marketing, blogging, videos, YouTube, and Facebook. This year she sold over $130,000 worth of Avon products online and recruited over 500 team members as a result of her online marketing efforts.

In 2015, Emily was awarded the prestigious award of Avon Woman of Enterprise. The Avon Woman of Enterprise award is presented to the Avon Representative who not only is leading and growing a successful Avon business, but does so while being a role model for other Representatives through her embodiment of the Avon Values of Belief, Integrity, Respect, Trust and Humility. Among the many North America Avon business owners, Avon selects only one Representative to receive this annual award.

Emily has earned over 30 all expense-paid trips to Hawaii, Punta Cana, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, a cruise to the Bahamas, and a cruise to Alaska in her 10 year career. In July 2014, Emily had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. She was especially grateful at this time that she had a built a big Avon business that produces when she cannot work. Her goal is to reach Silver Executive Leader, President’s Inner Circle, and over $150,000 in online sales by the end of the 2019 cycle. Emily is the owner of Makeup Marketing Online. She provides free marketing tips and training to Avon Reps across the country through blog posts and videos listed at www.makeupmarketers.com and www.youtube.com/user/avonrepemily.

Annual Team Sales
• 2013 – $379,126
• 2014 – $513,687
• 2015 – $559,259
• 2016 – $1,272,181
• 2017 – $2,021,771
• 2018 – $3,009,240

Annual Personal Online Sales
• 2013 – $13,813
• 2014 – $46,908
• 2015 – $67,143
• 2016 – $83,335
• 2017 – $88,379
• 2018 – $129,539

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