Avon Campaign 13 2017 Template

Write something about the campaign here. You may want to include the dates the campaign is effective on your website. To find this out, go to www.youravon.com – My Account – Click on Key Campaign Dates – Under Current Campaign – Check out the text highlighted in gray – this will tell you the effective dates for your eStore.

Shop Avon Campaign 13 2017 Brochure Online

In this section, you may want to write about the different ways someone can shop the campaign. They can shop by: 1) Shopping the online store, 2) Shopping the online brochure, and 3) Using the Quick Item Entry tool.

If you create videos for each campaign, you may want to include it at the bottom of your post. I use either Magisto or Animoto to create my videos about each campaign.

Include relevant links here that are either related to this post or are a topic of interest to your audience. I might include links about other campaigns, buying Avon, or signing up to sell Avon. The idea is to keep your audience on your blog or get them to click through to your Avon eStore. You don’t want them to leave to go to another site if it’s not yours. =)

Sell Avon Online Successfully

Avon Tips for Representatives

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