3 Helpful Avon Leadership Emails – Pending, Inactivity, & Removals

Below are 3 Avon leadership emails I use to help with pending appointments, inactive representatives, and removals. Feel free to use them with your team!

3 Helpful Avon Leadership Emails

Avon Leadership Email for Pending Appointments

Subject Line: Help Getting Started with Avon

DLM Report: Run your Pending Appointments Report

Do you need help starting your Avon business? If you’d like to have a conversation over the phone or ask me any questions through email, go for it! I’m here to help you get started with your Avon career.

Take Advantage of the Daily Care Collection

Use the attached Daily Care Collection flyer in your first campaign to give your customers a collection of 6 favorite Avon products for only $19.99 to pamper themselves from head to toe! The value-packed collection features popular Avon hair & body care products. It is only available in your first campaign. Sell 6 of these sets and you’re already on your way to achieving your first hit $100 challenge goal!

5 Steps to Success for New Avon Representatives

1. Invest in a Kit – As a new representative, you can choose from 3 different kits: 1) the Basic Starter Kit (only available at registration), 2. the Smart Value Kit (available in your first 5 campaigns), and the Elite Kit (available in your first 5 campaigns).

2. Start to Sell Face-to-Face and Online – Earn 20 – 50% commission every 2 weeks from your brochure sales (minimum $50 to earn). Receive your free eStore and social media tools the same day you start your business. Earn 20 – 25% every 2 weeks from your online sales.

3. Earn More with Incentives and Rewards! Place $100 orders in each of your first 5 campaigns to earn a $100 rebate, 100 samples, and a $100+ product bundle in the Avon Hit $100 Challenge. Also earn points, rewards, and recognition with Avon’s President’s Recognition Program.

4. Refer a Friend to Avon – Earn free products worth $145 for the first person you refer to Avon that signs up, submits & pays for their first order of $100 or more! For every other person you refer that signs up, submits & pays for their first order of $100 or more, you will earn $35 per referral.

5. Grow your Team – When you join Avon’s leadership program, you will earn from both personal and team sales! Earn products, rewards, and opportunities with Avon when your leadership journey begins. Start today by sharing your Avon Sisterhood video from your Social Media Center. Go to youravon.com – click on Web Office – Social Media Center – share step number 5 and anyone who signs up with Avon by clicking on your video will be on your Avon team!

Avon Leadership Email for Inactive Representatives

Subject Line: Keep your Avon Account Active

DLM Report: Run your Inactivity Report for Campaigns of Inactivity Between 4 and 5

Remember to place an Avon order this campaign or next campaign! If your account is inactive for 6 campaigns in a row, your account will be closed. Even if you just order catalogs, it will keep your account active and help you get back on track!

With holidays coming around the corner, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of your Avon account for ordering presents for family and friends. Have you seen the new Avon Living catalog coming in campaign 24? http://www.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/catalog/2015/22/en/whatsnew/p100.html

I can’t wait for what’s to come to Avon this selling season! Let me know if I can help with anything!

Avon Leadership Email for Removals

Subject Line: We Miss you at Avon

DLM Report: Run your Removals Report for Campaigns from Previous 26 Cmp – Current Cmp

We miss you at Avon! With the holiday selling season (best time of the year to be an Avon Representative) coming upon us, you don’t want to miss out!!!

If you left Avon with a $0 balance, see the information below on how you can come back in no time at all. If you left Avon and still need to pay a past due balance, call 513.551.4774 to pay off your balance before signing up again.

3 Avon Campaigns or Less
If you left Avon 3 campaigns ago or less, it’s free to come back and you can log back in to your account to get reinstated!

6 Avon Campaigns or Less
If you left Avon 6 campaigns ago or less, you can pay a $10 reinstatement fee and log back into your account to get started again!

7 Avon Campaigns or More
If you left Avon over 7 campaigns ago, all you have to do is sign back up! Start from scratch. You can sign up again as a new representative by going to http://eseagren.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start

3 Reasons to Come Back to Avon!

1. Avon has some great gift ideas coming this Christmas including a completely separate catalog called Avon Living featuring home decor and more! Check it out:

2. When you sell $100 or more in each of your first 5 Avon campaigns and pay for them on time as a new Representative, you can earn $100 in rebates, 100 free samples, and $100+ in free Avon products in the Hit $100 Challenge.

3. Celebrate Avon’s 130th Anniversary next year in Las Vegas! Have you heard about Avon Repfest? Avon is trying to get 10,000 Avon Reps to Las Vegas next year for an Avon National Conference open to ALL Avon Reps. Don’t miss this epic event.

Ask me if you have any questions about signing back up or reinstating.

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